Troubleshoot Android IP communication problems with Traceroute.

I’ve written about troubleshooting Android IP communication problems (Check your Android’s Internet connection and Re-connect Android to the Internet), but the missing ingredient was the traceroute command. Traceroute screenshotNow I’ve found just what the chef ordered: Traceroute for Android. It’s short, sweet, available gratis from the Google Playstore, and you can copy its log to messaging and email apps.

Use Traceroute to identify which enroute router fails to route your UDP packets to the destination host. Often the culprit is a firewall or a mis-configured border router. Traceroute for Android completes my little bare-bones toolbox for troubleshooting Android IP communication problems.

What about my iPhone?
Nice Trace, available from iTunes, seems to display traceroute data for the iPhone. I’ve not tried it.

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