Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos

Bezos in FortuneJeff Bezos is, like Bill Gates, unusual: both men combine the technical skills and productivity of first-class programmers together with leadership qualities and aggressive business sense. Because of their technical knowledge, neither guy can be misled by technical staff. Fortune named Bezos “Business Person of 2012” and published this portrait: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: The ultimate disrupter.

Most managers are pathetic; they can’t actually produce anything, so they become managers of people who are producers. The Peter Principle manifests itself throughout high-tech enterprise. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is an example. In Whither Microsoft? I propose dividing his responsibilities between three co-managers.

Why Amazon continues to grow

One of Mr. Bezos’ strategies is his willingness to accept losses in order to gain market share. Another is to accept losses on a component in order to make money on the whole system; witness Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. His most effective strategy, though, is obsessive concentration on customer satisfaction.

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