Avoid global roaming charges.

Do you need to make low-cost international calls from your mobile phone? The new Skype To Go service may do the trick. Set up a Skype To Go account and forward calls from your normal number to your new Skype To Go number.

Use any phone (that you authorize) to call a dedicated local number and Skype routes your call via Skype’s VoIP-like protocol over the Internet to the international destination phone. Caveat: Skype To Go is in beta test and is available in only a limited number of countries.

Do you want to be easily reached by phone while you’re abroad? While abroad, purchase a local mobile phone for temporary use, and use Skype To Go to forward calls that are received by your normal phone number to your new temporary overseas mobile phone. Voilà! No international roaming charge. Caveat 2:

If anyone calls one of your Skype To Go numbers from a phone you haven’t registered on your account, an automated operator will ask them to enter one of your registered phone numbers along with your PIN.

Caveat 3: I’ve not tested this.

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