Senate bill limits ISP data caps.

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) last week introduced a bill that requires that ISPs (Internet service providers) cost-justify their data caps. Wired Magazine reported the story in Net Neutrality, Data-Cap Legislation Lands in Senate by DAVID KRAVETS.

The bill requires that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) ensure that each ISP isn’t creating an artificial bandwidth shortage:

The commission shall evaluate a data cap proposed by an internet service provider to determine whether the data cap functions to reasonably limit network congestion in a manner that does not unnecessarily discourage use of the internet.

The bill also contains a section that prevents ISPs from creating “fast lanes” for preferred customers:

A covered internet service provider may not, for purposes of measuring data usage or otherwise, provide preferential treatment of data that is based on the source or the content of the data.

The demand for bandwidth has, as long as I remember, exceeded supply. You’d think that competitors would jump in, but the capital required is daunting. I hope that potential competitors aren’t dissuaded by regulations such as Senator Wyden’s bill. I’d prefer that good service at fair prices result from competition rather than government regulation.

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