WCIT US Delegation Debriefing

wcit-12 logoNow that WCIT has ended, U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer reflects on the conference in a video titled ISOC-DC WCIT Postmortem. Warning: this is an hour and a half long video. Mr. Kramer’s presentation is succinct (it ends at the 23 minute mark), but the subsequent speakers drone on. This isn’t a surprise, since they unashamedly refer to themselves as “scholars” — a synonym for “windbags”.

What is a windbag? wind’·bag Noun, sing. A person who can’t produce anything in his or her field, yet eagerly opines about said field. Subsequent speakers at this meeting trumpet the windbag’s catchphrase: “It is incumbent upon . . .” blah blah.

Forbes published a good summary by Larry Downes, Requiem for Failed UN Telecom Treaty: No One Mourns the WCIT, which reports

The WCIT conference will go down as a turning point, when the world divided into governments who recognize the value of an open Internet, managed, developed and regulated by its users, and those who no longer feel obliged to pretend the spread of information is in the best interests of their citizens. 

23 December: Fascinating Arstechnica article by WCITleaks co-founder: Behind closed doors at the UN’s attempted “takeover of the Internet”

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