WCIT-12 fails to produce a meaningful treaty regarding the Internet.

wcit-12 logoTerry Kramer, US Ambassador, announced today that the US and about 40 other countries refused to sign an ITU treaty that sanctioned government control of the Internet. Here is BBC video interview of Ambassador Kramer.

He told the conference that

we candidly cannot support an ITU treaty that is inconsistent with a multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance. As the ITU has stated, this conference was never meant to focus on Internet issues; however, today we are in a situation where we still have text and resolutions that cover issues on spam and also provisions on Internet governance.

Kramer added in an interview,

it is clear that the world community is at a crossroads in its collective view of the Internet and of the most optimal environment for the flourishing of the Internet in this century.

Story by OpenMedia.ca: Governments Boycott the New Internet Rules of the ITU

What does it mean?

I doubt if those of us who live in the first-world will see much difference. The Internet will continue to be censored in countries such as China and Iran, regardless of what’s written in a treaty.

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