POTS landlines survived Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy pulled the plug on NYC’s technology. I’ve been listening to techie podcasts that originate in metropolitan NYC. They report that the first telecom service to fail during the storm was cellular phones, followed by cable-TV phones. Traditional POTS (plain old telephone service) landline phones again proved to be the most reliable.

We must not allow AT&T to decommission copper loop phone service, despite their desire to bail.

Update 28 November 2012:

  • T-Mobile cell sites went off the air within hours of electric power failure.
  • Apparently most Verizon cell-sites remained on the air. They reportedly contain 6 to 8 hours of trickle-charged batteries. Up to 80 percent of Verizon’s cell-sites are rumored to have standby generators.
  • Metropolitan NYC area T-Mobile customers found themselves occasionally connected to AT&T cell-sites. Both companies use GSM and apparently they agreed to enable free roaming during the emergency.

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