Google Maps for Android bicycle navigation, part 2

Google MapsRecently I wrote an article about using the Google Maps app on my Android phone to guide me on a bicycle ride. On Thursday, I cycled 18 miles to Thanksgiving dinner with friends. I knew the best route to the destination neighborhood, but relied upon my Android phone’s Google Maps app to vector me the last few miles to the exact address.

When I was within a few miles of my destination, I asked the Maps app to speak directions into my earbuds. Although Maps accurately pinpointed the destination, its route included nonsensical detours which would have added miles to my ride. I ignored the nonsense.

I’m impressed with how useful Google Maps for Android is while cycling, but it’s still buggy. Google states clearly that it’s beta. Use it, but, in the words of Richard Nixon, “Trust but verify”.

It receives good reviews.

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