A La Carte TV

The cable TV business will change, whether it wants to or not. To compete with Hulu and Netflix, cable TV companies will need to unbundle not only channels, but programs within each channel.

Do you remember the olde days when we were forced to buy a disc full of ten lame songs in order to own one good song? iTunes ended that ancient scam by the music industry.

The cable TV industry has scammed us by making us buy bundles of lame channels and programs. They’ve done it for decades, but now that good content is available via the Internet, their stranglehold is loosening.

The only valuable service that the cable TV companies offer is bandwith. They’d rather re-sell HBO etc — can you blame them? We pay them for access to HBO and HBO pays them for access to us. Now thanks to the Internet we can find good content elsewhere. If they wish to compete in the content market, they’ll have to unbundle everything.

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