CIA chief didn’t know how to secure his email.

Well, Mr. Petraeus is was a government employee, so it’s unfair to expect independent thought. In September, did this courtier lie to Congress about the attack on our embassy in Libya? Why wasn’t he placed under oath then?

Using Gmail for secret message exchange is dumb. Why? Read Google’s Privacy Policy within its Terms Of Service for Gmail. And he ran the CIA?

Details: Petraeus’s Private Part Proves Peter Principle

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2 thoughts on “CIA chief didn’t know how to secure his email.”

  1. Here’s some info from NYT — more info on how they got caught as well as possible protections to prevent that for the rest of us:
    Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn’t

    KNOW YOUR ADVERSARY. Technically speaking, the undoing of Mr. Petraeus was not the extramarital affair, per se, it was that he misunderstood the threat. He and his mistress/biographer, Paula Broadwell, may have thought the threat was their spouses snooping through their e-mails, not the F.B.I. looking through Google’s e-mail servers.

    Authorities matched the digital trail from Ms. Kelley’s e-mails — some had been sent via hotel Wi-Fi networks — to hotel guest lists. In cross-checking lists of hotel guests, they arrived at Ms. Broadwell and her computer, which led them to more e-mail accounts, including the one she shared with Mr. Petraeus.


    1. Excellent comment, including the NYT link. General Petraeus revealed his ignorance of Gmail’s technology, which is to be expected of the average shlub. Worse, he revealed his ignorance of or contempt for the ECPA.

      Apparently he believed his glowing press.


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