A workaround for WordPress app problems on Android

For the last month, I’ve been creating and editing these articles using the WordPress app for Android. It usually works fine, but occasionally the locally stored articles on the Android phone lose synchronism with the articles stored on the WordPress server.
Android WordPress screenshot
The Android WordPress app edits each article locally and then uploads the edited article from the Android device to the WordPress server in several steps:

  1. Create / edit / store article on Android device
  2. Upload article to WordPress server
  3. Synchronize Android device’s articles list with WordPress server’s articles list

Step 3 fails when I try to store about 50 or more articles on the Android device. Attempts to manually re-synch fail. Once step 3 fails, there seems to be no way to re-synch the articles. I’ve not found a fix other than to delete the data, uninstall WordPress, and reinstall WordPress. After I configure the app with the WordPress server url and administrator credentials, and the app authenticates with the WordPress server, the app will download the most recent 20 articles and be ready to use — good as new.

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