AT&T To Discontinue Landline Service?

A friend pointed me to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article that includes this startling paragraph:

The telecom company said Wednesday it wants to eventually decommission the technology behind its decades-old, copper-line phone network that currently covers 76 million homes and businesses in 22 states.

AT&T wants out of landline? What else is new? People in hell want ice water.

This infatuation with all things wireless is ill-conceived. Nothing beats a copper wire for communications reliability, security, and spectrum conservation. Only fiber beats its speed. Radio frequency spectrum is a limited resource.

Most of the article’s comments are astute. This comment makes a great point:

I hope that copper-wire era never goes away. Due to hurricane Sandy, we were without electricity, cable, heat, etc. — but the old copper line service never went down!! It was our only link to the outside world.

POTS (plain old telephone service) uses a copper loop from C.O. (phone company’s Central Office) to the subscriber’s telephone set. Its sole source of power is a bank of trickle-charged lead-acid batteries in the C.O. that supplies 48 VDC. No power source is required at the subscriber’s premise. It’s a simple and very reliable system. We must not allow the telcos to replace a reliable system with an unreliable system. Supplement? Fine. Replace? Nope.

AT&T has wanted to bail on POTS for years. Here’s an article from 2009: AT&T Tells FCC It’s Time to Cut the Cord

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