T-Mobile’s “Unlimited Plus” data plan

Maybe T-Mobile is exempt from truth in advertising laws. Maybe they’ve quit speaking English and converted to Newspeak. I wonder because T-Mobile’s “Unlimited Plus” data plan is not unlimited. For the first 2 gigabytes he receives each month, the subscriber can access the Internet at 4G speed (about 3 Mbps measured download speed); then the connection speed drops to about 50 kbps. It’s throttled. It’s capped. It’s pathetic. It’s not unlimited.

This is another case in which our bloated government has failed its citizens. Doesn’t this false advertising violate an FCC rule? Where’s the The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), whose “principal mission is the promotion of consumer protection and the elimination and prevention of anti-competitive business practices”? Answer: asleep at the switch.

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