Re-connect Android to the Internet

My Android phone occasionally disconnects itself from the Internet, especially after re-starts. I check connectivity using this procedure. The disconnection cause? For some reason, on my Samsung Insight phone the “Use packet data” checkbox randomly unchecks itself. Android Network Setins screen To reconnect, I go to Home, Settings, Wireless and network, Mobile networks. Make sure that “Use packet data” is checked. Test again.

If no connection, choose “Network operators” under “Access point names”, then choose “Search now”. Make certain that your carrier’s name appears; you may be out of range of a cell site. Another possibility is that your phone may have forgotten who your cellular provider is; correct this within “Network operators”.

If you still can’t connect to the Internet, contact your cellular provider.

  • Update, December 2015: My Samsung Galaxy Light SGH-T399 phone with Android 4.2.2 is slightly different than my older Android 2 phone. At the top of this article, I added a large screenshot from it. I got to this screen by tapping
    • Settings
    • Network connections
    • More Networks
    • Mobile networks

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