Wardenclyffe site to be acquired for proposed Tesla museum

In 1901, Nikola Tesla built a laboratory on a 200-acre tract amidst Long Island (New York State) farms. He called it Wardenclyffe. It featured a 200 foot tall wireless transmitting tower that was designed to support a large metallic hemisphere. JP Morgan financed the construction based upon Tesla’s assurance that stock market prices would be transmitted wirelessly from Wardenclyffe to Morgan when he was aboard any ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Wardenclyffe in 1904

Tesla had grander plans for Wardenclyffe. He planned to multiplex more than one information stream and transmit power as well. The lab’s foundation includes a deep well which was supposed to contain a large ground rod.

Tesla hoped that Wardenclyffe would be the prototype for similar transmitting stations around the globe.

The lab was never completed, the tower destroyed, and his apparatus was lost. The property has been owned for decades by Agfa, who sited a photographic film processing operation there. There’s hope that some of Tesla’s apparatus was buried on site and may be excavated for the museum. Urban exploration videos on Youtube reveal a badly dilapidated building.

The 16 acre purchase from Agfa will reportedly cost $1.6 million. Half was raised by private donations; half will be provided by New York State.

Nikola TeslaComputer content: Tesla patented the AND logic gate in 1898. He used it in the wireless receiver of his remotely controlled boat, which he called a teleautomaton. AND gates are important computer building blocks.

Yes, a Tesla museum already exists in Belgrade, near his birthplace.

Recent About article on Wardenclyffe purchase. Good interview.

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