Banish yellow straight-through Cat 5 patch cables.

While working at a customer site, I needed to quickly join a laptop PC to their LAN (local area network). The customer produced a yellow Category 5 (“Cat 5”) patch cable to connect the laptop PC to an open port on a switch. After a few minutes of wondering why the laptop wouldn’t join the LAN, I closely examined the cable’s ends. It was a crossover cable. It wasn’t labeled “crossover”; I guess that its manufacturer thought that its yellow jacket color was sufficient to identify it as a crossover cable. (Yellow has become the de facto standard jacket color for crossover cables.)

I recommend that organizations keep no yellow-jacketed straight-through Cat 5 patch cables on site. Reserve yellow jackets for Cat 5 crossover cables only. You’ll reduce troubleshooting time.

(Photo credit: Fo0bar)

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