Please notice. Your phone’s battery is overheated.

A polite but annoying Chinese female voice inside my Samsung SGH-T679 Android phone speaks these words all too often.

When I can, I respond by sticking my phone in the refrigerator. Otherwise, I just switch off the display. (Apparently the LED backlight generates a fair amount of heat.)

Is this spoken over-temperature warning a feature of most Android phones, or just Samsungs?

  • Update, December 2015: I’ve resorted to cooling my overheated phone with reusable cold packs (purchased from drug stores). My new SGH-T599 Galaxy Light phone seems to overheat less than my older SGH-T679 phone did.
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3 thoughts on “Please notice. Your phone’s battery is overheated.”

  1. I plugged my phone in and set it on my xbox on the vent where the heat comes out. I heard this same message. I have the original Motorola Electrify


    1. Thanks for the report. I guess that this is a feature of all Android phones, not just Samsungs.

      I hear this message more frequently now that it’s summertime here in hot south Florida.


  2. Mira no es sólo de Samsung, yo tengo un Sony Xperia ZL y continuamente me dice lo mismo no se como solucionar el tema. Saludos.


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