My first impressions of Samsung Exhibit II 4G phone

So far, so good.

Samsung Exhibit II SGH-T679 phone

I recently purchased a T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 phone from Amazon for about $190. (T-Mobile’s stores sell it for $330. That’s the unsubsidized price.) It’s a second-tier smartphone, but has all of the features that I want in a smallish package. It’s advertised as a prepaid phone, but my postpaid T-Mobile SIM card from my flip-phone worked fine. Based on my few days’ use, I’m not convinced that I want to always carry a smartphone. In many ways, my little Samsung SGH-T439 flip-phone makes more sense for voice, text, and consulting Wikipedia. I predict that I’ll continue to swap my SIM card between the two phones.

I added a Sandisk 30GB microSD card for $20 from Amazon, and a silicone case and screen cover ($8). The phone is lightweight and easily fits in my pants pocket. Its replaceable battery drains quickly, but the phone allows you to turn off power-draining circuits such as WiFi and Bluetooth when they’re not needed. I like the fact that from the Settings menu, I can monitor what purports to be real-time RF signal strength in dBm. I’ve seen this vary from -73 dBm to -109 dBm in my neighborhood.

T-Mobile has loaded this Android phone with apps, most of which I think I’ll delete, once I gain root privileges. That should be an adventure, but is apparently the only way to gain the privileges necessary to delete the apps.

My initial impression of the touchscreen interface is that it’s horrible. Maybe I’ll grow fonder of it with use.

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3 thoughts on “My first impressions of Samsung Exhibit II 4G phone”

  1. I’m not overwhelmed with the iPhone either. It’s only 3G, and Siri doesn’t do what it does on the ads. The touch screen is not great. I don’t have other Apple products, and when one is a good windows user, many features of Apple (ie, their control) are annoying. I’m sure that if one likes that control and is syncing Apple products, it’s a better user experience. I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and it’s largely hype.

    Apparently, I’m not the only one:
    Apple shares sink as iPhone sales, overall revenue and profits disappoint. The company’s outlook is below forecasts as well.


    1. This morning I wasted time trying to download and install Dropbox for Android, from Google’s Android’s app source. I suppose that I should first root the phone, and then worry about apps. I’ve reverted to my flip-phone, simply because it does everything so much faster, is smaller, and its battery lasts longer. I’ll have a whack at rooting the new phone later.

      It was nice this morning, streaming a Tech Talk radio show from WFED, unto my Android phone. However, I dare not touch it while it’s streaming, as between the touch screen and the capacitive buttons, it’s all too easy to mistakenly interrupt the stream. And it may require precious minutes while I discover why it stopped working.

      The iPhone remains a status symbol amongst my friends.


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