Privacy vs Security, 21st Century style

FBI Seal

Why Tony Soprano used public payphones.

I just read that a US phone company has refused to produce customer records that were requested by the FBI. The anonymous phone company received a national security letter (NSL) from the FBI in 2011, and refused to comply with the NSL’s demands. The case is now in court.

Lisa Vaas, writing for UK-based security firm Sophos’ Naked Security, today published an excellent article that summarizes the case: Telecom firm says “No” to FBI surveillance demands. Check out Lisa’s other articles on security and privacy topics. They’re good!

Not much detail is known about this case. It raises questions regarding our right to privacy and the need of our government to protect its law-abiding citizens from harm. My opinion on this question swings from one extreme to the other. What’s your opinion?

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