Dress for success, not ridicule.

What was the US Olympic Committee thinking?

U.S. Olympic uniforms

We’re the team representing the Gay Frat Boy Yachting Club, Che Guevara Chapter.
caption by roadkit

I love funny blog articles and their comments. Here are two recent ones:

  • London Olympics: You’re Doing it WrongThis comment by roadkit:Do I think they should burn these uniforms because they were made in China?

    No. I think they should be burned because they look like shit.

  • Worst Olympic Uniforms Ever
    In case you didn’t notice the tastefully subtle logo on the front, these are made by Ralph Lauren. Technically, though, they were made in China. What’s more American than large corporate logos and outsourcing jobs to China? Complaining about it . . .

Why not complete the ensemble with a big red nose and oversize flapping shoes?

I pity the US athletes who are forced to wear this get-up.

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4 thoughts on “Dress for success, not ridicule.”

  1. Funny comments! I was surprised that the giant Polo logo was allowed when I saw it. Maybe they should include the logos of all the sponsors on the costumes….


  2. I’m not the only person offended by the Polo Logo — and 67% of voters on this WSJ blog dislike the uniforms:
    I sound like Andy Rooney here, but when did Olympic athletes in their official capacities as national role models become catalog posers for global mega-brands?

    A quick Google reveals that Giorgio Armani’s uniforms for Italy’s athletes, and Stella McCartney’s designs for Britain’s are not awash in commercial logos. Our Big Ponies, though, will outshine the stars and stripes. Oh say can you see?

    I suppose it’s hard to blame Ralph Lauren for taking advantage of an all-American marketing opportunity.


    Also, there was apparently a lot of controversy re: past years’ uniforms made in China in 2008 and Canada in 2010.


  3. Forgot to add this quote in above post:
    This oversized version of the Polo Ralph Lauren logo is emblazoned on the left breasts of the just-revealed London Olympic uniforms for our U.S. athletes. A mite commercial, anyone? In fact, the Big Pony dwarfs the American flag and Olympic rings that are emblazoned on the right breast. That is one giant pony.

    and if this comment is true, I have to agree!!!
    With that huge, ridiculous (1980′s) Pony logo- our Olympic committee should have been given these uniforms (not charged $598 for the blazer and $425 for the polo shirt) Ralph Lauren should have PAID our athletes to wear these, NOT the other way around. Can’t even see the 5 rings or flag. EPIC FAIL! I won’t buy so much as a Lauren hand towel ever again.


    1. Ralph Lauren (born Ralph Lipschitz) has hit a new low, even for him. I’m amazed that he’s invoicing those high prices for clownsuits made in China. I wonder what his cost is, per suit?

      By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them.


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