Steer clear of unsolicited tech support

Remote support is great, when you initiate it and the support person is

  1. competent
  2. not a crook.
photo: Jana Svojsova


You may have received a phone call from an earnest-sounding “representative of Microsoft” who offered a free security scan and then warned you that your computer was at risk. The friendly voice at the other end offers to save your data for a nominal fee . . .

A new client of mine reported that he fell for this scam six months ago. Another told me that she almost did, before she called me. Microsoft reports that the average loss is $875. The exact ploy varies, but there is a common theme: deception; what hackers call “human engineering”.

Don’t accept unsolicited technical support. (If you’re in doubt, call me at 954 873-4695.)

Read the Microsoft report, dated June 2011. (Thanks to my brother Don for the link.)

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