I found an informative cellphone site.

LCD-Display of a Mobile Phone under Microscope with 400X
photo: MrPlow
PhoneScoop.com is helping me choose a new cellphone.

The web is loaded with hyperbole about cellphones. The hotter the phone, the hotter the hype. Now that I have a T-Mobile plan that gives me unlimited web access, I realize just how limited my trusty Samsung SGH-T439 clamshell phone’s web capability is. I want my next phone to include at least 3G connect speed, and real email and web browser software.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to be the flavor of the month, but I don’t like to pay a premium just to have the latest gadget. I’m content to stay slightly behind the leading edge and buy gadgets whose prices have cooled since their introduction.

I’ve found phonescoop.com to have what I need: objective data on what seems to be every cellphone ever made, with user reviews. Now I just need to wade through them. I’ll also peruse howardforums.com. Do you have a phone suggestion?

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3 thoughts on “I found an informative cellphone site.”

  1. These seem to be the hotter phones for what it’s worth (aside from iPhone):
    Samsung Nexus, Galaxy S III, or HTC S
    Good luck!


  2. Some comments from a forum:
    (Galaxy is) just about even with the HTC One aside from the screen. The Nexus I think can’t be sold anymore due to a patent issue – but I really don’t like that phone, anyway. Lots of issues with reception and general bricking. The failure rate for that phone is just unacceptable.


  3. So much for the Galaxy….
    Koh Blocks Sales of Samsung Phone That Apple Says Infringes Patents
    A California federal judge blocked sales of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone on Friday, siding with Apple for the second time in a week in granting preliminary injunctions against products that run on Google’s Android. The judge said the Nexus, released in the United States in 2011, likely violates four patents asserted by Apple.
    (from Law.com)


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