LinkedIn users’ data LeakedOut.

We’re used to Facebook’s violations of users’ privacy. LinkedIn has joined the fun.

Yesterday, I became aware of two LinkedIn privacy concerns:

  • Users of LinkedIn’s 6-month old LinkedIn app for iPhone and iPad have been, without their knowledge, uploading their entire calendars to LinkedIn’s servers.
  • A Russian hacker announced that he had downloaded usernames and passwords for 6.5 million LinkedIn accounts. To prove it, he published the passwords on the web.

LinkedIn presents itself as a site where professionals meet, unlike the unwashed slobs on Facebook. Its business model is similar to Facebook’s: collect every byte of information about its users and sell that data to advertisers. I wonder if LinkedIn’s professional users will be as unconcerned by LinkedIn’s lack of diligence as Facebook’s naïve users seem to be?

5 thoughts on “LinkedIn users’ data LeakedOut.”

    1. I fear that many users on these sites will have their bank accounts drained because they use one password on multiple accounts. With Keepass, I’m able to maintain a unique password for each account. I don’t know how I’d do so without Keepass.

      Did you watch/listen to the Youtube clip that’s linked to by the screencap of Livia Scott? It’s cute. Its title: “I Like You Better On Facebook”.


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