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Alfred Hitchcock Presents THE DERELICTS episode
screenshot: Hulu
Here’s a terrific Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, available in full on line, thanks to Hulu.



For many years I’ve been a fan of IMDB (Internet Movie Database). Its power from the start was its multiple indexes: you can search for a movie by director, title, character names, actors, etc. Amazon bought IMDB in 1998. Now IMDB provides integration with content streaming services such as Hulu. Hulu is full of TV episodes, including some real gems.

I love the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode from 1956 that’s titled The Derelicts. Robert Newton steals the show from its strong ensemble of actors. All the main characters are severely flawed and Newton’s boozy Dickensian villain, Peter J. Goodfellow, adds a comical dimension. He’s simultaneously charming, pompous, larcenous, and obnoxious. The episode takes a cynical, comical look at a Hitchcock paranoid nightmare that twists and turns until its last moment.

It’s a pity that Mr. Newton died not long after this production when he was only 50, apparently of alcohol-related causes. That may explain why his always buzzed Peter J. Goodfellow character is so spot-on.

All about Alfred Hitchcock Presents series 1.

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