Is SEO tantamount to “gaming” the search engines?

Endless Amusements, or, The Art Of Legerdemain Made Easy To Young Persons (publ 1846. Author: Theodore Abbot, Illustrator: Abel Bowen)
Is SEO just WWW sleight of hand?

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been spending many hours recently on SEO (search engine optimization) for clients. Luckily, I believe in my clients and their products and services. However, by analyzing the SEO results of competitors, I’ve become aware that just because a website appears at the top of a Google search results page, means neither that the product nor service is popular, nor even that it’s worthwhile. What it does mean, in competitive search categories, is that the website owner spent time and/or money on marketing. Nothing more.

So if you’re visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma and suddenly need to find a dentist to attend to your toothache, don’t assume when you search for TULSA DENTIST, that the first few search results will be the best dentists in Tulsa. All that it means is that those few dentists at the top worked on their SEO. They simply had a PR budget. They may or may not be good dentists.

Is this what Google and the other search engines intended? I doubt it, but that’s what we’ve got.

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