I couldn’t do my latest job without Keepass

Organize and secure your passwords and account info.
Keepass screenshot


Lately I’ve been helping clients improve their SEO (Search engine optimization). A large part of this involves submitting information about each client to numerous directories. Some automated solutions exist, but SEO still involves hundreds of account creations, validations, and data entry. It’s not especially difficult — just tedious . . . and requires creating, storing, and recalling hundreds of account names, email addresses, and passwords.

I’ve been using Keepass to organize all of these clients, directories, account user names, and passwords. I can’t imagine a better tool for the job. Every time that I say, “I wish that Keepass did this“, I discover that in fact that feature is already built-in — I just hadn’t discovered it. I’ve been adding date of account creation to each account record, as well as notes about that particular account. Since I’m working with multiple clients, I often need to duplicate account info for one client and use the duplicate as a template for a new client. Keepass has all that functionality built-in.

I resisted using Keepass at first, since it had a learning curve, but now it’s my favorite tool, one that I open first thing in the morning and close only at the end of the workday. I use Keepass on multiple computers at multiple sites and store its database in my dropbox (Use Dropbox plus Keepass to store your passwords.)

Visit the Keepass site and download a free copy for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “I couldn’t do my latest job without Keepass”

  1. I agree that password managers are needed. Every day there seems to be a new hack on someone’s password. I use Roboform to generate my passwords and store them.


    1. Roboform sounds like a good tool. I’ve not used it. Steve Gibson, of grc.com, likes Lastpass. I’ve not tried it, either. I’ll probably stick with Keepass until I run into a roadblock of some sort.

      I’d been using Keepass to generate 9 character long passwords. Now I’m using it to generate 11 character long passwords.


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