Augmentum absurdum in aerea machinas

World's Biggest Aircraft article
Russian Ka-7, early 1930s
Absurdly large aircraft: Megalomania in the skies

Let us get the context issue out of the way: this article has nothing to do with computers. It does very much concern technology run riot.

In Monstrous Aviation: World’s Biggest Airplanes, Avi Abrams pulls together a fascinating assortment of photographs and drawings of airborne giants, some only imagined, but most real flying machines. (It’s debatable whether the one mile long 70 foot high flight of Howard Hughes’ Hercules Spruce Goose could be called flying.) The article is in three parts.

Most of the images — and numbers (weight, length, lift capacity) — are amazing. Be sure to catch the last part of the article (apparently written two years after the first part). In fact, check out Avi’s other Odd Airplanes.

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