Scroogle scrapes the junk from Google.

Hey kids, let’s Google again like we did last decade!


Scroogle's Google scraper search page
screenshot: scroogle

You may have noticed that I’m not happy about recent changes made by Google. Their removal of cached links and addition of Google Instant really bug me.

Scroogle, a Google “scraper” site has appeared. Scroogle helps user privacy by scraping off Google’s cookies, and frequently purging user logs. I like Scroogle because it scrapes off Google’s obnoxious scripts. It also scrapes off Google AdWords ads.

This TechRepublic article fleshes out the Scroogle story.

I much prefer Scroogle’s results page to Google’s. I just wish that it would include the lamented Google cached links. Oh well, nothing’s perfect (though ten years ago Google came pretty close).

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