returns from the deadpool.

I’ve been using, but I’ve missed Now I have a choice. Choice is good. website
My favorite site for linking to radio station streams was It shut down operations in April ( has entered the deadpool) so I’ve learned to like

Sometime recently (I don’t know exactly when) was resurrected, with these notes on its front page:

  • The expenses of providing this service paid by “Art Stone”
  • Hooray! All the budget problems are solved.

It’s good to see it back online.

Each site has advantages and each site chooses to organize radio shows differently. offers pre-recorded audio content that doesn’t offer, and displays current status of radio streams better than does. also seems a bit more idiosyncratic than

I guess that the absence of has shown how fickle I am: I very quickly learned to like just fine. (Rather than “fickle”, maybe I should cast a better light and use the word “flexible”. Yeah, that’s the ticket!)

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