Our FeedBurner RSS feed works again.

Russ' Space RSS feed by FeedBurner

Russ' Space RSS feed by FeedBurner
If you subscribe to Russ’ Space via FeedBurner, you may have noticed that FeedBurner stopped sending you updates around September 1. No one seems to know what happened, but I notice that Google is testing a new version of FeedBurner, so that may have been the culprit.

Other blogs were or are still experiencing similar problems with FeedBurner. FeedBurner encounters an “Error 400″ when it tries to retrieve my feed from WordPress via SSL. Either FeedBurner has broken, or the recent de-certification of some security certificates is the cause. I think that FeedBurner’s ability to grab feeds via HTTPS has broken. For some reason, Google hasn’t hurried to fix it yet.

I solved, or at least worked around, the problem by forcing FeedBurner to use (unencrypted) HTTP instead of (encrypted) HTTPS to read my WordPress feed. You should see FeedBurner’s feed when you click this link.

Contact me if you don’t see Feedburner’s feed of this blog or if you’re having FeedBurner RSS feed problems. Thanks again for reading my humble blog. Russ

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