RIP, Steve.

Apple said in a statement, “We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.” He was 56 years old and suffered from pancreatic cancer. This is very sad news.

NPR has put up a a continuously updated page with tributes to the man who repeatedly revolutionized how we use technology.

Steve Wozniak comments: (video clip)


4 thoughts on “RIP, Steve.”

  1. It is a tragedy. We grew up watching him, and it’s over too soon.

    NYT has an interesting article today, “Moving On, Minus Its Genius”

    Under Mr. Jobs, Apple dipped its toe only slightly into the television business with Apple TV, a set-top box for accessing Internet video. That product has been one of the rare disappointments in its lineup, especially when compared with smashes like the iPhone and iPad.

    But many in the tech industry contend that television is ripe for technological makeover, and that the next big challenge for Apple, after the death of Mr. Jobs, is likely to be in that area.

    “It’s the big area they haven’t colonized,” said James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research. “It’s the thing we spend more of our time on than sleep.”

    This part reminds me of the old jokes about how it was a good thing that MS wasn’t involved in cars or TVs because we’d constantly have to reboot those as well:
    In the meantime, companies like Microsoft have started to take a stronger leadership role in helping to push the technology of television forward, as Apple did in areas like music and mobile phones.


    1. I’ve heard commentators compare Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison. This is a stretch: Edison was an inventor; Steve was closer to what I’d guess you’d call an innovator.

      Steve Wozniak is probably best qualified to comment on Steve Jobs. This is from

      Wozniak, 61, said Jobs was a good husband and father and a great businessman who had an eye for details. He said Jobs was a good marketer and understood the benefits of technology.

      When it came to Apple’s products, “while everyone else was fumbling around trying to find the formula, he had the better instincts,” he said.

      Google announced Google TV last year: It still seems confusing. Jeff Bezos certainly has the whole package for books, and Apple does for music. But it doesn’t look like Google has the killer TV package, so the market is still open.


    1. I’ve been thinking of who in history was similar to Steve, and I’ve arrived at Henry Ford. Both men took a complex difficult to use machine, made it easy for anyone to use, manufactured it in large quantities, and sold it at affordable prices.

      That’s where the similarity ends. While Ford offered the Model T in just one color, Steve tempted buyers with a variety of flavors of every Apple product.


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