We still need a postal service.

Stamp US 1955 15c certified mail
1955 US certified mail 15 cent stamp
The US Postal Service must reorganize now.

The US Postal Service has been losing money for years. Mandated by our Constitution, it’s been a reliable way of delivering messages, packages, and (regrettably) unsolicited advertising. In a recent article titled Postal Service faces grim new reality, Peter Schroeder outlines the huge structural and financial problems of the US Postal Service.

What scares me is that one of the problems is pension and benefits liabilities that were granted to rapacious unions when times were good. In this respect, the US Postal Service is similar to General Motors. Let’s hope that Mr. Obama doesn’t cave in to the postal workers unions, as he did with General Motors and the United Auto Workers, and give them our tax money in exchange for their votes! (Just one more reason why Barack and Michelle Antoinette must be removed from office.)

I’m also scared by the Postal Service’s lack of imagination. Back in the early 1980s, when MCI Mail and AT&T’s EasyLink electronic mail services first appeared, the Postal Service responded with its version of electronic mail: messages would be transported electronically between post offices, and senders and recipients would hike to their local post offices to send and receive messages, or they would be printed and delivered by mail carriers. It was a complete failure. I wonder how many millions of dollars were wasted on that idea?

Bothered by junk mail?

On the bright side of the coin, the US Postal Service is virtually the only delivery method that guarantees that your message will be securely delivered to its addressee. It’s a felony to tamper with First Class Mail. Now that secure certificates on the web have been stolen (I’ll write about this next), the whole SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Certificate Authority house of cards has begun to crumble.

I suggest that the US Postal Service increase the cost of First Class delivery to compete with comparable Federal Express and UPS services: perhaps 12 Dollars per piece. Stop subsidizing junk mail, and continue US Parcel Service. Scrap routine Saturday delivery. Lay off surplus workers.

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