Our worst day brought out our best.

photo: National Park Service
“They must have seen it coming
When they turned to face the fire.
They sent us down to safety,
Then they kept on climbing higher.”
– from Tom Paxton’s The Bravest

Tonight, CBS-TV will air an updated version of the Naudet brothers’ breathtaking up-close documentary of the World Trade Center attack, titled 9/11. (Link to earlier version) If you’ve not seen it, watch it.

The film is loaded with heartbreaking moments: the 767 jet roaring overhead toward the north tower, the thousands of people fleeing the burning buildings. For me, the most poignant scene is of the faces of doomed firefighters weighed down with equipment, about to climb the tower’s stairs to rescue people. One of the Naudet brothers said, “On that day, the lives of roughly 20,000 people were saved by first responders”.

“Now every time I try to sleep
I’m haunted by the sound
Of firemen pounding up the stairs
While we were running down.”
– chorus of Tom Paxton’s The Bravest

The lyrics are from Tom Paxton’s song, The Bravest. The lyrics and Tom’s recording in MP3 form are available for free download.

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