Steve Jobs steps down.

Good luck, Steve, and thanks.

Photo: Tony Avelar/Bloomberg News
Photo of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs c 1976 behind Steve Jobs today.

Steve Jobs stepped down yesterday as CEO of Apple. He retains his chairman of the board position. In a story with video clips, Information Week looks at Apple CEO Steve Jobs: The Man, The Method and Classic Jobs Moments. If you watch nothing else, listen to his 2005 Stanford commencement address.

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4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs steps down.”

  1. One of the biz news stations did a story on him this morning — he apparently never used focus groups or public opinions for product development. He said that people didn’t know what they wanted until after he’d invented it, including I-tunes, I-phone, I-pad etc. He certainly had good vision.

    Simon & Schuster to Update Steve Jobs Biography, Will Release It On Time
    The release date for the book, written by former Time magazine editor Walter Isaacson, will remain Nov. 21


    1. I like the story about Steve Jobs’ return to Apple (1997?). He had the prototypes of all of Apple’s products that were under development lined up in the boardroom and asked, “What do all of these products have in common?”

      The board responded with answers such as, “They all have FireWire ports”, or “They all have numeric keypads”. Steve replied, “Wrong. What they have in common is that they all suck.”

      He killed all development projects and started afresh.

      The rest is history.


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