OpenOffice looks healthy

OpenOffice remains an excellent no-cost alternative to Microsoft Office.
OpenOffice screenshot

I’ve been happily using OpenOffice to create spreadsheets, reports, and correspondence for years. In 2009 I worried about its future once Oracle acquired it (What’s the future for OpenOffice and MySQL?).

John Dvorak in his recent article OpenOffice Gets IBM Boost reports that Oracle has spun off OpenOffice and that IBM is donating Lotus Symphony’s source code and some resources to the OpenOffice development effort.

This is great news! I plan to continue using OpenOffice. I have my OpenOffice Calc and Writer apps configured so that by default they save in Microsoft Office’s .DOC and .XLS file formats. My correspondents with Microsoft Office assume that I created the files in Microsoft Office. Sometimes I’m tempted to tell them that no, my office suite costs about $400 less than theirs. Long live OpenOffice!

(Solveig Haugland’s Training, Tips, and Ideas is a good resource.)

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