A few words about podcasts

The Podcave
Photo by: Tim Wilson
A tidy podcaster’s console
Nerds with microphones, Listen up!

I enjoy listening to podcasts while I work on computers. My favorite content is technical.

I have a few gripes with many podcasts that are aimed at techies:

  1. Some podcasters imagine that listeners actually care about the podcasters’ personal lives. As a listener, I couldn’t care less about any podcaster’s personal life; discussion of a podcaster’s personal life is a waste of MY time and avoidance of the podcaster’s responsibility to convey information.
  2. Many podcasters imagine that their all too obvious jokes are funny, and often laugh at their own lame jokes. Here’s a news flash for podcasting entrepreneur Leo Laporte: you are not a reincarnation of Johnny Carson . . . and lose that forced laugh.
  3. Some podcasters imagine that their taste in music is so erudite and/or hip, that their listeners should be subjected to extended musical performances by their favorite Yanni wannabe.

Most of these faults are the result of the illusion conveyed by a microphone that your every thought, observation, and experience is worthy of broadcasting to the world. Humility, a rare trait, is essential to a good podcaster.

Don’t despair, dear reader. Good technical podcasts do exist. My favorite is Steve Gibson’s Security Now (despite Mr. Laporte’s participation), followed by Stratford University’s Tech Talk, WBAI’s Personal Computer Show, and 2600’s Off The Wall. None of these is perfect, but (with the occasional exception of the Personal Computer Show’s irritating NYC accents, personalities, and loony politics), they contain an acceptable ratio of valuable content to dreck.

Do you have a favorite tech podcast? Please tell us about it.

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