Installing apps? Try

Freenew, like Ninite, downloads and installs multiple apps in one simple step.

Screenshot courtesy Freenew

Life is too short to waste time wading through menus just to download and install programs on our computers . . . and half the time, we mistakenly install worthless browser toolbars and annoying nagware. In November 2009 I wrote an article about and have since used it to download and install Windows and Linux applications. Ninite is a huge time saver.

Now offers a similar service. Many of its apps are the same as Ninite’s, but it does offer some apps that Ninite doesn’t. Warning: according to a Ninite employee, doesn’t decline toolbars, and detractors refer to Freenew as “an amateur hour”.

The competition between Ninite and Freenew is heating up. Read this message thread, including a message from Patrick Swieskowski, who’s a Ninite co-founder.

If you’ve not yet tried Ninite, do so the next time you install an application. Or try

Choice is good.

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