Create diagrams like a pro

drawing by Russ Bellew. small network
Small Computer Network drawn by Dia
With Dia, make pictures worth a million words, without spending a penny.


My tech proposals make dull reading. They lack something: a simple graphic that describes my plan. I’m familiar with Visio (I used it before Microsoft bought it), but it’s fairly expensive.
About screen for the Diaw that I use

I recently tried a free Visio-like program named Dia, and it’s exactly what I needed! You can download it gratis from” target=”_blank”. It’s developed by It’s small and is available for use on Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac platforms.

My immediate needs are for diagramming of computer networks, but Dia includes symbols for flowcharts, civil, chemical, and electrical engineering, et al as well. Additional shapes (CMOS, Building Site, Living Systems, etc.) are available at

Dia is super-easy to learn. Without reading any instructions, I was able to begin drawing diagrams almost immediately.

Dia (pronounced “dee-a”) was originally created by Alexander Larsson and is now produced by a team of dozens of programmers and tech writers who’ve donated their work. It’s licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means that all source code is available. Versions for MS-Windows and GNU/Linux are available.

I salute Alexander Larsson and the entire Dia team. They’ve created a very useful tool. Try it. You’ll like it.

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