French chess grandmaster used computer and SMS to cheat in tournament

Moves suggested by computer were telegraphed to player by cell phone text messages and body position of colleague.

www.chessvibes.comThe French chess team has suspended three of its members for 5 years, following an investigation that revealed that they had cheated at a major chess tournament that was held in Siberia last September. The cheating scheme used one guy who, from his home in France, followed the moves via the Internet. He submitted each position to “a powerful chess program” (I have no idea which one), and he would send the move that was suggested by the chess program via SMS (text message) to a third guy who was at the tournament. The third guy would then place himself in the tournament room in accordance with an agreed upon code. The player learned the suggested move by watching the third guy’s movements in the room.

The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports the story. The chess world is abuzz with questions, since the accused are merely suspected of cheating, yet have been suspended:

Confession: Years ago, I read monthly magazine columns about computer chess. Unfortunately, although I like chess, I’m a poor chess player. Peter Jennings’ Microchess program, running on my wimpy little 1 MHz 8-bit, 8 kilobyte RAM Commodore PET 2001, c 1978, regularly defeated me.


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