The universe ain’t static.

The only constant is that everything changes.
Go with the flow!

Photo: NASA

Amateur radio operators quickly become familiar with the 11 year sunspot cycle, because solar activity dramatically alters the propagation of radio signals around the earth. I guess that from a young age (I obtained a ham radio license at age 16) I became comfortable with the idea that nothing in the universe stays the same. My sister points out that at one time the area around Philadelphia resided at the equator, and shark remains are found in Kansas, which was once at the bottom of a huge sea.

When NASA reported last week that a large solar flare was detected on Valentine’s Day, I didn’t get excited (aside from wondering how it would affect radio signal propagation). In addition to the 11 year solar cycle, there are other solar cycles, with periods of 22, 87, 210, 2300, and 6000 years. The earth has been through many periods of cooling followed by periods of warming.

Not convinced? Read Global warming is a hoax, invented in 1988. It’s more detailed than my little summary.

Naïf Al Gore and his horde of naïfs shout that human activity is overheating the planet. If earth’s ice caps were melting (well, at least the northern one is; our southern ice cap is actually growing), how do these pseudo-scientists (Al Gore flunked out of divinity school!) explain the shrinking of the ice caps on Mars? Are Martians’ SUVs heating their atmosphere?

More likely, Mars — like Earth — is responding to cyclical changes in solar emissions. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. (See Occam’s razor. )

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