My NEW favorite tool

Streamlight Stylus Reach
The Streamlight 65618 Stylus Reach Pen Light with Flexible Cable is even more useful than the plain-Jane Streamlight Stylus pen light.

About six months ago, I wrote about how useful my new tiny Streamlight Stylus flashlight was. I’ve just begun using a tiny flashlight that I like even better: the Streamlight Stylus Reach. It’s basically a Streamlight Stylus with a flexible extension. With it, I can snake it around obstructions to illuminate hidden corners that even the Streamlight Stylus can’t reach.

In only a week of use, I’ve used this to locate “lost” tiny insulated washers and read color codes on wires that were hidden in shadows. While working on my car, I used it to illuminate a relay panel that hides behind two lower dash panels, which I otherwise would have had to remove. It produces less than 1/10th of a Watt of light, but it can be very precisely aimed. It’s become my new fave tool.

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