We moved to WordPress.

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Whew! Most of the move to WordPress is complete.

When Microsoft announced that they were closing their Spaces.Live.com blogging site, and migrating bloggers to WordPress, I was sure that the move wouldn’t be smooth . . . and I was correct. (Microsoft couched the shutting down of Spaces.Live in terms of “Improving user experience” — typical of the industry: Let’s never call something by its true name.)

Microsoft always has an “oh by the way . . .”, which like the detective Columbo, seems innocuous but makes a profound difference. In this case, their RSS import tool for their Office Live website platform seems to be broken when working with WordPress blogs.

The WordPress HTML editor insists upon messing with my HTML code. Gotta see why.

Oh well, I’ll find workarounds. Working with Microsoft’s Office Live has taught me all about workarounds.
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