Japan will teach English in English

Japan to emphasize English fluency. (Why doesn’t America?)

I heard a story on NPR’s All Things Considered about Japan’s increasing emphasis on the use of the English language by its corporations and citizens. The Japanese government acknowledges that English is the world’s language for commerce and technology. They have mandated that by 2013, all high school English classes will be taught not in Japanese, but in English.

Why don’t we resolve to teach only in English in the United States? We’ve been wasting money for decades: in Dade County, Florida, the school board requires that if there are at least 3 students who speak another language, the county must provide classes for them in their native language. This is nonsense. If you expect to thrive in the United States, you must learn English. (I recently ranted about Spanish language broadcasting within the United States. Teaching in anything but English is a similar waste of resources and actually harms the students.)

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