Facebook adds security features

Use Facebook more securely (in exchange for giving them more information about yourself).

Logo: Facebook.com

Facebook announces one time password security enhancement. I like this idea: when logging on to Facebook from a non-secure computer, use your cell phone to send a text message to Facebook, which will reply with a one-time use password (which will expire in 20 minutes). Even if someone does capture this password (via WiFi or a keylogger), it won’t work for them after 20 minutes.

The downside? Now you have provided Facebook with even more personal information. Read yesterday’s article subtitled “Facebook and other social network sites are exploiting people’s urge to share, says BT [British Telecom] security chief Schneier”. In the article, Schneier states, “Don’t think you are users of sites like Facebook. We’re Facebook’s product that they sell to their customers”.

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