Microsoft is abandoning Windows Live Spaces

This blog will must move to before March 2011.

photo: Felix Burton

On Monday, Microsoft announced to users of its blogging facility, “We have partnered with the world’s leading blogging service,, to be the premier blogging service for Windows Live customers.” I like WordPress, and undoubtedly it’s superior to It seems that Microsoft will shut down after March, 2011.

At some point between now and March, I’ll need to move this blog, Russ’ Space (which is hosted on, to I’ll probably do so toward the end of this year, to give Microsoft time to debug their porting software. I’ll do my best to keep its appearance consistent with its current look.

I’d finally learned how to work around the limitations of’s editor. (The secret is to hand code everything in HTML.) This again proves John Dvorak’s statement: Whatever you learned this week will be null and void by this time next week.

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