CEO Eric Schmidt explains it all for you

Google CEO brings us up to date on the Internet and Google’s widening place in it. You name a topic, and Google’s handling it.

Screenshot: The Charlie Rose Show

Eric Schmidt was a guest on Charlie Rose’s PBS television show on September 24th. Either this interview was tightly edited, or Charlie was on a caffeine buzz — in 31 minutes he moved Eric quickly through a wide range of topics: Facebook, Apple, social networking, Smartphones, Netflix, Google TV and the television<->Internet convergence, web applications, tablets, real-time voice translation of voice on phones(!), privacy, monopoly, domestic job loss, technology outflow. Whew!

Amazing numbers mentioned by Dr. Schmidt: 200,000 Android phones are manufactured every day, over 2 billion Youtube videos are viewed every day, every minute 24 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube.

Strap yourself in for an interview that moves like you’ve hit the fast forward button.

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