Pigeons beat UK broadband

Image of a letter sent by pigeon post
I wonder how the speed of a pigeon carrying a thumb drive compares to the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Bandwidth test confirms wisdom of Sesame Street’s Bert.

One of my favorite characters on TV’s Sesame Street is Bert: I always admired his stability (especially when compared to his anarchic roommate, Ernie). Among Bert’s (admittedly dull) interests are pigeons. And now I know why. According to a recent test, pigeons can transport more data than broadband service in the UK. (For a laugh, read the comments after the brief article.)

A race between an old method of using carrier pigeons versus the new modern form of communication through broadband took place in the U.K. on Thursday. The pigeons took first place as they were released from a Yorkshire farm at the same time as a five-minute video upload began. An hour and a quarter later, the pigeons reached their destination in Skegness 70 miles away, while only 24 percent of a 300 MB file had been uploaded. Campaigners say that the stunt was being carried out to help illustrate that broadband in some parts of the U.K. is still "not fit for purpose."

I had no idea that Bert cared about data communications.

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