Add 1 GB memory to MSI Wind U100 netbook

Photo: Russ Bellew
Additional 1 GB of memory is worthwhile addition to MSI Wind U100 netbook.

The MSI Wind U100 netbook is a handy little computer. Mine was delivered with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and 1 GB (gigabyte) of memory. I’ve used it for at least six months and recently added 1 GB of 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 memory, bringing the netbook to its maximum of 2 GB of memory. I bought the memory module from Crucial Technology for about $24.00. I like Crucial’s ability to examine your computer, determine its memory configuration, and recommend upgrades. When you use Crucial’s Memory Advisor, Crucial guarantees that its memory will work in your computer.

The procedure to add memory to this netbook is just a little more involved than adding memory to most laptops: remove the battery charger, the battery, and the nine tiny Phillips head screws that secure the bottom half of the case to the top (don’t lose the screws! They tend to fly off into space.) There is at least one video on Youtube that illustrates the procedure.The netbook now seems to run a little smoother, with less hard drive activity. Its tiny Atom CPU ensures that this netbook will never be a rocket ship, but it’s now an even better bang per cubic inch portable tool.

Disclosure: I am a Crucial Technology affiliate.

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