Google stops its Wave product

Screenshot: Carla Arena

Google flattens Google Wave.

Last year at this time, I wrote about Google Wave, which was gaining strength as the workgroup collaboration software of the future. Now Google has announced that it’s killing Wave.

Maybe, to coin a phrase, what we have here is a failure to communicate. Wave was developed in Australia and its exact definition and market position weren’t crystal clear to this North American resident. It seemed to incorporate features of email, instant messaging, social networking, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lotus Notes. Apparently the response was underwhelming, especially in view of the explosive growth of Facebook and Twitter, so Google pulled Wave’s plug before spending more on a product that wasn’t a clear winner. Its Lotus Notes / Microsoft Sharepoint features made it attractive to businesses, but it was mis-perceived as a Facebook / Twitter also-ran, which is a shame. Wave’s demise may remind Google and other organizations to keep their developers in close touch with potential end-users. Otherwise, they could end up designing something like The Homer.

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