Amazon’s CEO introduces new improved Kindle e-book reader

Screenshot of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: The Charlie Rose Show

Amazon shows new, smaller Kindle e-book reader with same screen size, improved battery life, plus a $139 WiFi-only model

Charlie Rose, a lawyer turned television interviewer, is amazingly clued-in to information technology trends. On Wednesday night, he (again) interviewed Jeff Bezos, the long-time CEO of

Jeff brought with him Amazon’s newest version of its ground-breaking Kindle e-book reader. It’s smaller, lighter, has better screen contrast, and has a one-month battery life, yet retains the same screen dimensions as the earlier Kindle. It looks like a winner. It will be released on August 27. The conversation had the easy, natural flow of a meeting between old friends — which apparently is the relationship between Jeff and Charlie. I especially enjoyed hearing Bezos, with apparent candor, explain the reasoning behind some of the Kindle’s design decisions: the trade-off between touch-screen functionality and minimum glare, for example. He emphasized that high contrast paper-like presentation with minimal eye strain remain Kindle design goals.

Mr. Bezos mentioned that at Amazon, over the past three months, sales of books in Kindle format have outnumbered sales of hardcover books by about 50%, and that this margin is widening.

The interview goes on to cover Amazon’s remarkable success, which Mr. Bezos attributes to Amazon’s concentration on customer satisfaction, and its willingness to suffer initial losses as it gains market share in new markets. (Sounds like the Japanese way of doing business.) All in all, it’s an interview worth watching.

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate.

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